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Transfer of Class

Transfer of Class

Classification is an important method for assessment of ship’s technical conditions. A classed ship has considerable advantages in ship transactions (rent, purchase or chartering), shipping cargo collections, and insurance rates.

Transfer of class (TOCA) is the process by which you can move your vessel, if currently classed, to ICB CLASS.

The following general survey requirements will usually apply:

  • All ships under five years of age must undergo a survey equivalent in scope to an Annual Survey, with a general examination of machinery and control systems.
  • Ships between five and 10 years of age must also have a representative number of ballast spaces examined.
  • Ships between 10 and 20 years of age must also have a representative number of cargo and ballast spaces examined.
  • Ships which are 15 years of age and older and subject to an Enhanced Survey Programme (tankers and bulk carriers), must undergo a full Special or Intermediate Survey (whichever is next due), including docking.
  • Ships which are 20 years of age and older must undergo a full Special Survey, including docking.

Where the docking survey is not due, an underwater examination may be carried out. Overdue surveys and conditions of class must be dealt with during the TOCA process.

Where a ship also changes flag, specific instructions for the surveyor will be prepared. Additional surveys and a plan review may be required by the new flag administration.

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