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Technical Services

Technical Services

CAP (Condition Assessment Program)

Ship’s conditions can remain of a good level throughout their service lives if they are operated in an appropriate manner, the current state of construction and equipment of each ship or structure are clearly understood, and inspections and maintenance are carried out regularly and properly.

Ships should be surveyed periodically to verify that they are maintained in an acceptable condition in accordance with international conventions, the Rules of Classification societies, etc. Detailed ship conditions, however, can not usually be all assessed by the regular surveys. A detailed assessment of ship condition is very important for the owner’s maintenance program through a ship’s service life.

CAP is a voluntary program, initially developed by the oil industry, to assess the continued fitness of older ships to carry their cargo safely.


CAP involves a detailed survey, including gauging of the vessel’s structure and a sophisticated strength and fatigue engineering analysis. It also includes extensive testing of the vessel’s machinery, equipment and cargo systems. A CAP rating is assigned to the vessel. A CAP 1 (Very Good) or CAP 2 (Good) rating is required by most charterers. After the completion of the CAP, the certificate of CAP indicating the ship’s comprehensive rating (Overall Rating for CAP-HULL and/or CAP-MACHINERY / CARGO SYSTEM) is issued.

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