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Quality, Safety and Pollution Prevention Policy

Quality, Safety and Pollution Prevention Policy

The organization is committed to provide a high degree of value by applying high standards of quality, maritime safety, security, and protection of the marine environment to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and relevant interested parties by:

  • Applying IMO / ILO instruments, national legislation and applicable standard requirements.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and policy.
  • Ensuring policy and objectives are appropriate for mission of the organization which are duly communicated and well understood within the organization,
  • Providing the necessary resources in terms of infrastructure, work environment and communication.
  • In terms of people, the organization is committed to employ competent and qualified staff in accordance to RO Code requirements and continually provide technical trainings

The organization is also committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through the performance of:

  • Managements Reviews to mainly verify the achievement of quality objectives, quality policy, processes and the effective actions to address risks and opportunities. All these actions are meant to achieve continuous suitability and effectiveness of the QMS.
  • Implementation of improvement tasks identified during audits, management reviews, customer complaints, VCA’s, monitoring activities, Annual Evaluations, etc.
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