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Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

ICB CLASS has developed the standards for the new building ships and the maintenance of ships in service and offshore installations based on:

  • Standard requirements,
  • ICB CLASS requirements, and
  • Customer and market needs.

ICB CLASS Rules were developed by our Field Staff, engineers and architects, with gained experience and the use of innovation systems-technology to ensure are appropriate for its purpose.


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PART A: Classification and Surveys
Chapter 1: Principles of classification and class notations
Chapter 2: Assignment, maintenance, suspension and withdrawal of class
Chapter 3: Scope of surveys (all ships)
Chapter 4: Scope of surveys in respect of the different services of ships
Chapter 5: Scope of surveys related to additional class notations
Chapter 6: Retroactive requirements for existing ships

PART B: Hull and Stability
Chapter 1: General
Chapter 2: General arrangement design
Chapter 3: Stability
Chapter 4: Structure design principles
Chapter 5: Design Loads
Chapter 6: Hull girder strength
Chapter 7: Hull scantlings
Chapter 8: Ships less than 65 m in length
Chapter 9: Other structures
Chapter 10: Hull outfitting
Chapter 11: Corrosion protection and loading information
Chapter 12: Construction and testing

PART C: Machinery, Electricity, Automation and Fire Protection
Chapter 1: Machinery
Chapter 2: Electrical Installations
Chapter 3: Automation
Chapter 4: Fire fighting and prevention

Part D: Service Notations
Chapter 1: RO-RO Cargo ships
Chapter 2: Container ships
Chapter 3: Livestock carriers
Chapter 4: Bulk carriers
Chapter 5: Ore carrier
Chapter 6: Combination carrier
Chapter 7: Oil Tanker and FLS Tanker
Chapter 8: Chemical tanker
Chapter 9: Liquefied gas carrier
Chapter 10: Tanker
Chapter 11: Passenger ships
Chapter 12: Ro-Ro Passenger ships
Chapter 13: Ship for dredging activity
Chapter 14: Tug
Chapter 15: Supply Vessels
Chapter 16: Fire fighting vessel
Chapter 17: Oil recovery ship
Chapter 18: Cable laying ship
Chapter 19: Non propelled ships
Chapter 20: Fishing vessels
Chapter 21: Ships not covered by SOLAS

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