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Class Suspensions / Withdrawals

Class Suspensions / Withdrawals

When a ship is classed with ICB and falls under the following circumstances, the class will be suspended:

  • When the ship is not operated in compliance with the rule requirements.
  • When the ship proceeds to sea with freeboard less than assigned.
  • When the owner fails to request a survey after having detected defects and damages that affect the class.
  • When repairs and alterations concerning the class, are carried out without requiring the attendance of surveyor.

The class is automatically suspended on the following circumstances:

  • When the class survey has not been carried out within its due date or time granted unless the ship is in attendance of the surveyor intending to completion before resuming trading
  • When annual/intermediate survey cot completed within the survey window
  • When their due dates do not hold recommendation/ or condition of class; or the date stipulated by the society taking into account any extensions granted
  • When due to nature of the reported date, class is temporarily, suspended until repair/ renewals carried out
  • In other circumstances when the owner fails to submit the ship to a survey following the special requirements.
  • In case of non-payment of fees or expense chargeable for service not rendered.

Withdrawal of Class:

  • When requested by the owner.
  • When class is suspended for more than 6 months.
  • When the ship is reported lost.
  • When the ship is reported constructive total loss or when the owner does not give the intention to repair the ship.
  • When the vessel will not trade further as declared by owner.


For a ship, whose class has been suspended, the Society considers that her class is reinstated if the causes of suspension are dealt with.

  1. Class Suspension, Reinstatement, Withdrawal and Reassignment are listed as below on timely basis.
  2. Reinstatements, Withdrawal and Reassignment listed will be deleted one month later.
  3. Reassignment vessels are still waiting to be officially approved and information may still be revised, as necessary.

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